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Fiber Rush Seat Kits

Fiber Rush Seat Kits

Cohasset Colonials' founder, Francis W. Hagerty, used to say, "Anyone who can tie a bundle can weave a seat." -- and he meant it! Our instructions are written for the beginner, with clear, easy-to-follow diagrams. Fran Hagerty called them his "complete can't go wrong instructions."

Our Fiber Rush Seat Kits include twisted craft (paper) cord - 6/32" diameter, tacks, and complete instructions . Available in four package sizes for weaving individual seats and also in full cartons at substantial savings.

Click photo for measuring instructions and details on ordering. Our fiber rush is made in USA.

Fiber Rush - 1 1/2 lb. - 210 ft.
Fiber Rush - 2 1/4 lb. - 315 ft.
Fiber Rush - 3 lb. - 420 ft.
Fiber Rush - 3 1/2 lb. - 490 ft.
Bulk Fiber Rush - 24 lb. - 3,500 ft.

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