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About Cohasset Colonials
Francis W. Hagerty
Cohasset Colonials was founded in 1949 by Francis W. Hagerty (1916 - 1977). After taking measurements in museums and private collections, he personally made the prototype of every piece of furniture the company reproduced.

Half a Centry of Furnituremaking

Thank you for your interest in our museum reproductions. Today collectors of Americana recognize the value of authentic reproductions. Now, from our kits, you can actually make them yourself. From a single table or chair to an entire room, you can capture the charm of antique furniture – its beauty, its simplicity, its utility. Whether you do it as a hobby, or to save the cost of assembled and finished furniture, the pride of accomplishment is yours.

We have selected for reproduction only pieces of outstanding design, which are ideally adaptable to modern requirements. Actually, furniture of the 18th century has much in common with contemporary living, since it was designed to be functional and to fit into rooms limited in space.

Each Cohasset Colonials is a true copy of a museum original or a reproduction of an outstanding piece in a private collection. Our furniture is available both as “do it yourself” kits and completely finished, in a variety of stain and paint choices.

When you order our furniture kits, you will find everything accurately handcrafted and ready for assembly. All necessary glue, screws, hardware, sandpaper, stain and assembly instructions are included.

We have done everything humanly possible to make the assembly of these kits simple, and we know from thousands of letters from people who are admittedly “all thumbs”. . . that we have succeeded. Whether you do it as a hobby, or to save on the cost of assembled, finished furniture, the pride of accomplishment is yours.

We hope you will find as much enjoyment in assembling your Cohasset Colonials – and as much pride in collecting them – as we have had in their creation.

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