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dispatched and a week later the first order appeared in the mails and Cohasset Colonials was underway.

"One of the first orders," recalls Fran, "was from a Washington, D.C., dentist--a Dr. Walter Rath. The good doctor was not only one of our first customers--he becaume our very good friend. New England represented something very special to Doctor Rath, though he'd never been here. As we gradually built up our line, he not only bought many of the pieces, he'd send us criticisms and suggestions about new items to add.

"In 1953, after several postponements, Doctor Rath finnaly got around to making his long-awaited pilgimage to New England. It was a summer-vacation trip and he broke his touring to spend a day and a night with us. The doctor was interested enough in Cohasset Colonials as an enterprise, but what captivated him the Cohasset itself, with its rocky coves and salt meadows and the lovely old Unitarian church on the village common. When the doctor left us he told us that, while some people wanted to go to heaven when they died, he wanted to go to New England."

Late that fall, when the Hagertys sent the doctor a mailing piece announcing another piece of furniture, they added a personal note. Mrs. Rath replied, with the news that the doctor had died of a heart attack.

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