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Our Founder, Francis W. Hagerty
Francis W. Hagerty
Cohasset Colonials was founded in 1949 by Francis W. Hagerty. His small furniture factory was located right on the harbor in Cohasset, Massachusetts for about 45 years. The company relocated to Ashburnham in 1999.

Half a Centry of Furnituremaking

At Cohasset Colonials, we have been making high quality, authentic reproduction furniture kits longer than anyone else. The company was founded in 1949 by Francis W. Hagerty. He was an inventor and a boatbuilder. In the late 1940's and early 1950's, he visited museums, historical societies, and private homes all over New England and New York State, searching for fine quality antiques suitable for reproduction. He was well-received wherever he went and, in the days when a gentleman's handshake was good enough, was granted permission to measure and to reproduce an astonishing quantity of furniture.

About himself, Francis Hagerty wrote: "After two years of studying naval architecture, I was one day enchanted with the thought that Leif Ericson had made it across the North Atlantic a thousand years ago in a boat that had never been tank tested. . . . I soon became an ex-student going my way. I set up a small shop on the edge of Cohasset Harbor (in Cohasset, Massachusetts) and here I have been for thirty-six years enjoying a work relationship with the finest of woodcrafters, building yachts and furniture. . . ."

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